The Fruit & Veg Box​


A typical box contains 18 items

All the goodness in one box. With fresh fruit and veg right to your door, having a healthy, balanced diet just got easier.


A typical box

We have a good variety of fresh products in The Fruit & Veg Box – Keeping your home well stocked with goodness to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. ​

A typical box contains approximately 18 items & will include the items listed below (or products to a similar value); ​

Box contents

  • Asda Maris Piper 2kg ​
  • Sweet Potatoes 500g ​
  • Asda Whole Cucumber x1 ​
  • Asda Baby Plum Tomatoes 325g ​
  • Asda Sweet Peppers 3 pack ​
  • Asda Ready to Eat Avocado 2 pack ​
  • Asda Blueberries 125g ​
  • Asda Little Gem Lettuce 2 pack​
  • Asda Gala Apples 6 pack ​
  • Asda Mixed Grapes 400g​
  • Asda Orange Pack 5 pack ​
  • Asda Broccoli 360g ​
  • Asda Carrots 1kg ​
  • Asda Onions 3 pack ​
  • Asda Mushrooms 250g ​
  • Asda Spinach 300g ​
  • Asda Fine Beans 180g ​
  • Asda Courgettes 330g

Allergy information

Due to exceptional demand, we cannot guarantee the content of boxes and are therefore unable to provide allergen advice, ingredient lists and other product information online at this time. Each box will contain packaged items with individual labels that provide this information. Please make sure you read these labels carefully to understand what allergens or ingredients are present in each product. If you need to avoid specific allergens or ingredients, we cannot ensure that the products in the box will be suitable for you.

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susan cartledge

"excellent value and quality"

Natalie Pickering

"Brilliant from ordering to delivery. Excellent communication and customer service. The box itself is awesome with great variety. Perfect size for my family of 4. Of note the avocados were fresh and very good quality. Will definitely re-order. Thank you Asda."


"Awesome product. Great all in one grocery box."

Thomas Wayne

"Great All in one product"

I want recipes

"Box is good but it'd be even better if you provided some recipes that use the ingredients. It's something that would take you probably 30 minutes and make people like me willing to buy it again."

Monica Murphy

"Fantastic value, excellent fresh produce with no spoilage. Will definitely use again and recommend to friends. Would have preferred leeks and parsnips for soup instead of avocado- but that’s just old fashioned me!! Well done ASDA !!!"

catherine harleyt

"very good quailty"


"Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic variety, good quality, quick delivery."

Mrs W

"The food box never arrived. I phoned Asda twice. Initially I was told I would hear the next day but nothing came. I phoned again to be told nothing could be done and my money would be refunded!. "


"Brilliant idea if you need some food in quick. Next day delivery and packaged really well"

Matthew Stothers

"good value"


"I would be interested in an organic box - also if packed so soft produce isn't squashed as this has come up often in comments. "


"Very good quality overall, and will order again. The box was delivered on its end rather than upright, so things spilled out of the packets into the cardboard box. Not a great start! There is felt-like packaging inside, which is going to become a waste if not reused in some way."

Penny S

"box arrived today - very quick delivery, the box had a damp patch on the outside but iI think it was just condensation from the ice pack as all the contents were absolutely fine. Fantastic value and a good selection for our family of 4. Would definitely use again."

Barbara Dickson

"The box was easy to order and delivered on time. It was also well packed. However the grapes had mould on them and had to be thrown out. The mushrooms were really bad quality. I can't find anyway of reporting this apart from ringing and the wait is far too long. Need a customer services email address. Shame it was a very good idea but quality let the service down."

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