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A typical box contains 16 items

Our stock updates at 5pm every day. If this box is showing out of stock, please come back at 5!

All the goodness in one box. With fresh fruit and veg right to your door, having a healthy, balanced diet just got easier. Delivery is included in the price.


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Fruit & Veg Box


Fruit & Veg Box


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Fruit & Veg Box


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A typical box

We have a good variety of fresh products in The Fruit & Veg Box – Keeping your home well stocked with goodness to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. ​

A typical box contains approximately 16 items & will include the items listed below (or products to a similar value); ​

Box contents

  • Asda Extra Special Potatoes 1Kg ​
  • Sweet Potatoes 500g ​
  • Asda Whole Cucumber x1 ​
  • Asda Extra Special Tomatoes 250g ​
  • Asda Sweet Peppers 3 pack ​
  • Asda Sweetclem 600g ​
  • Asda Tenderstem Broccoli 160g ​
  • Asda Carrots 500g ​
  • Asda Ready to Eat Avocado 2 pack ​
  • Asda Blueberries 125g ​
  • Asda Little Gem Lettuce 2 pack​
  • Asda Onions 3 pack ​
  • Asda Mushrooms 200g ​
  • Asda Spinach 300g ​
  • Asda Fine Beans 180g ​
  • Asda Gala Apples 6 pack ​

Allergy information

Due to exceptional demand, we cannot guarantee the content of boxes and are therefore unable to provide allergen advice, ingredient lists and other product information online at this time. Each box will contain packaged items with individual labels that provide this information. Please make sure you read these labels carefully to understand what allergens or ingredients are present in each product. If you need to avoid specific allergens or ingredients, we cannot ensure that the products in the box will be suitable for you.

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Jennifer Richardson

"Amazing service. Lovely fresh produce, superb variety. Enough to feed a family."

Hilary Anderton

"A bit disappointed with this week’s delivery inasmuch as it contained exactly the same items as last week. The fruit and veg were just as good in terms of quality and freshness as last week but I was expecting a few different items this time. "

Hilary Anderton

"I’m shielding at the mo so thought so this looked at good idea. Very pleased with contents, with the exception of the avocados, I will use everything in the box. Not short dates either which had been a concern. Also it will encourage me to cook More from scratch. Value wise I don’t think I’ve saved anything but nevertheless I will be getting one each week. "


"Fast delivery, but one of the cucumbers came rotten. I would suggest to replace peppers for something more useful like courgette, beetroot, cauliflower or broccoli. Overall it was a good experience."

Sandra Barnet-Lamb

"I think these fresh vegetables/ fruit are excellent , good fresh produce , fast delivery and good dated products too. A great balance / variety too. Sent as a “helping out gift “ on numerous occasions to vegetarian on tight budget it has always been very welcome, especially as I live 200 + miles away. Free delivery and no minimum £40 spend like normal ASDA deliveries - which I also cannot fault - all I can say is thank you ASDA"


"Nothing wrong with the contents, but am appalled at the packaging. Layers of foam and non recyclable, gel ice pack, not to mention every item wrapped in copious amounts of plastic, PLEASE sort this out, it's not acceptable,."

Nadine Gorman

"I was expecting value for money but paid £17 for items that only came to £15:37 I guess if you can’t carry them then fine but I’ll just add to my shop next time. Quality was mostly good but 2 rotten clementines. "


"It has been excellent service and food quality. I highly recommend it as it has been very useful to me!"


"Don't do it unless you are in a rush. I've just added all these ingredient to my trolley and got away with £15.50. And some quantities were larger than the one listed here. "


"I think these are fantastic purchased our first one and I was a bit wary of how this was going to be but it was amazing all fresh and all of it lasted a while. Came on the delivery time and was safely packed and with a cooler pack. I would also think for future you should have the option to change a few items in the box because no one in the house liked a few things in the box so they went to waste."

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