The Complete Food Box Bundle

A typical box contains 41 items

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Stock up your kitchen for less with our Fruit & Veg box and Mealtime box bundle. Great value fresh food and cupboard fillers with not a single trip to the shops in sight.


A typical box

Our two popular food boxes with your fresh fruit & veg and everyday cupboard items (recipes included and available below) delivered right to your door for less. ​


Mealtime Box contents

  • Jumbo porridge 1kg
  • EV Olive Oil 250ml
  • Cheese sauce mix 40g
  • Baked Beans 410g
  • Butter Beans 400g
  • Chorizo 200g
  • Chickpeas 400g
  • Tinned Sweetcorn in water 198g
  • Tinned Tomatoes - Chopped 400g
  • Vegetable Stock Cubes 12 x 10g
  • Easy Cook long Grain Rice 500g
  • Fusilli - Wholewheat 500g
  • Green Pesto reduced fat 190g
  • Mexican beans 400g
  • Pasta Sauce - Mascarpone & Tomato 340g
  • Chilli Con Carne mix 45g
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes 280g
  • Tuna Chunks in spring water 3 x 140g
  • Red Lentils 500g
  • Mixed herbs 18g
  • Hard Grated Cheese 80g
  • Oatie Crumble 300g
  • Seabrooks Crisps Classic variety 6 x 25g Twix 9 pack

Fruit and Veg Box contents

  • Asda Extra Special Potatoes 1Kg ​
  • Sweet Potatoes 500g ​
  • Asda Whole Cucumber x1 ​
  • Asda Extra Special Tomatoes 250g ​
  • Asda Sweet Peppers 3 pack ​
  • Asda Sweetclem 600g ​
  • Asda Tenderstem Broccoli 160g ​
  • Asda Carrots 500g ​
  • Asda Ready to Eat Avocado 2 pack ​
  • Asda Blueberries 125g ​
  • Asda Little Gem Lettuce 2 pack​
  • Asda Onions 3 pack ​
  • Asda Mushrooms 200g ​
  • Asda Spinach 300g ​
  • Asda Fine Beans 180g ​
  • Asda Gala Apples 6 pack ​

Allergy information

Due to exceptional demand, we cannot guarantee the content of boxes and are therefore unable to provide allergen advice, ingredient lists and other product information online at this time. Each box will contain packaged items with individual labels that provide this information. Please make sure you read these labels carefully to understand what allergens or ingredients are present in each product. If you need to avoid specific allergens or ingredients, we cannot ensure that the products in the box will be suitable for you.

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Kathryn Symonds

"Fantastic quality, fantastic price. First time customer, ordered some for my daughter and boyfriend as a pre Christmas treat, they love it, arrived safely and super fast. Extremely impressed we are ordering one for us as we are all busy working. "

Fiona hunter

"The pasta and rice packets were burst and had spilled all over the box and then all over my carpet when I opened the box. Every tin was dented. And all the fruit and veg had the following days date. These would not be sold at full price in store if at all so was a bit of an insult to pack them into boxes created for those who cannot get to the store during this difficult time. We are paying customers as much as those who go into store but receive sub standard quality of care in processing the orders. As a result I ended up with half a packet of the rice and pasta. Some tinned produce is unsafe to eat if the can is damaged as they are vacuum sealed for preservation. If it wouldn't be sold in store at full price if at all, then it should not be packed into the food boxes. I get the impression these boxes are a useful way for Asda to dispose of damaged items without having to reduce the cost at their expense. An insult really. I would otherwise use all the items so the selection itself is good, I just can't use half of it. "

Heather Pullen

"This is absolutely brilliant... i cant stand going food shopping so this i perfect for us.. no fillers it's all every day edible foods Ill definitely be ordering again "

Sarah Padwick

"Lovely, nice recipies as well. I wouldn't normally pick extra special things so its nice to try. "

Alicia Stephenson

"They are good but not as good as the old ones"

Helen Lysandrou

"I be very happy to receive my box first Asda , I’ve always been happy shopping in The store in Asda This will be different for me so here we go ..."

Susan Thompson

"Just taken delivery of my complete food box very impressed not only with contents which are of good quality but also the packaging and delivery "


"Fantastic box for the price. Everything I needed whilst isolating. Looking forward to trying the recipies. Would have given five stars but one of my biscuits was broken. "


"First time purchased and have to say we were pleasantly surprised. Apart from the lentils and chick peas everything in the boxes was something we would eat. It even got us making something different and using different ingredients to create new meals!"

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